Classrooms Flipped: ShowMe Empowers Teachers to Transform Learning

Classrooms Flipped: ShowMe Empowers Teachers to Transform Learning

The online platform is revolutionizing how people learn in and outside of class

By now, most educators and parents would agree that everyone learns differently. Whether it’s staying after school for one-on-one tutoring or watching a video of someone solving a problem before attempting homework, there are many strategies people use to tackle new topics. Sometimes, however, additional help might be hard to come by for those requiring extra facetime or practice problems. For New Albany-based ShowMe, the answer to better learning opportunities isn’t just more homework, it’s the right tech in the right hands — the educators and students themselves.

“ShowMe is educational technology that is trying to make the learning and teaching process more efficient and accessible,” said Adam Bdoyan, founder and CEO. “We are doing that through our tablet application which helps teachers quickly and easily record their lessons the same way they would on a whiteboard or piece of paper. Those lessons are then shared with students, who can learn before coming and meeting with the teacher in the classroom.”

Instead of  “lessons,” activities on the platform are called “ShowMes,” and are uploaded daily to the site. They offer recorded lessons, explanations of particular problems and in-depth examples when using a textbook might not be enough. Students can even upload walkthroughs of tough homework problems, or their own explanations of assignments. For educators, the benefit of ShowMe is twofold: the ability to digitize lectures in an online community makes for more efficient teaching, and the opportunity to explore and discover lessons created by other teachers.

“ShowMe is like a Khan Academy created for and by teachers,” said Bdoyan. “We rely on our community, which is made up of master teachers flipping their classrooms and volunteer moderators, to curate and feature good ShowMes. It’s then possible to follow a teacher and receive notifications every time they upload something new, so you can not only watch, but communicate with other educators on the platform.”

With 4 million lessons in their online library, ShowMe also allows teachers to “flip” their classroom and reverse the teaching process by assigning new, pre-recorded material as homework and working on practice problems together in the classroom. This method aims to maximize time that the teacher spends with each student, which can be especially helpful for different types of learners.

After founding ShowMe in New York City,  Bdoyan and his team underwent their own learning experience. With the support of Innovate New Albany, a partner of the Ohio Third Frontier, ShowMe set up offices and found a home within a community of entrepreneurs.

“When I moved to Ohio, I realized that this is a great place to do business because of the support from incubators and the talent coming out of the region,” said Bdoyan. “Innovate New Albany has really helped us with our mission to empower teachers with technology. A lot has changed in the past 75 years or so, and we want education to benefit from those same technological breakthroughs because in the end, the people learning from this platform are the ones who will impact our future.”

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