This Is The Absolute Best Model For Startup Success. Here’s How to Use It

After visiting 30+ cities, talking about entrepreneurship, interviewing founders of unicorns, I have found one model that works better than any other in creating surge cities.

It’s not complicated. But I think we overdue the role that luck plays in business success. Luck is part of it, there are no guarantees but you can-and should-put your startup in the best position to succeed.

In Cincinnati, a very intentional collaboration between big companies and startups has been taking place for a decade. This is why the city ranks 6th nationally in Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest rankings. CincyTech has turned $50 million of raised capital in to $850 million in follow-on investment.

Click here to read the complete article, and see related article in the Cincinnati Business Courier.

Story excerpt provided by Inc.

Written by Jeff Barrett.

Originally published February 6, 2019.

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