Techgrowth Client Ireconcars® Acquired by International Auto Corporation

TechGROWTH Ohio supported startup iReconCars®, a used car reconditioning management platform that automates the auto reconditioning process, has been acquired by Cox Automotive™’s vAuto®. vAuto®, a provider of innovative technology for car dealerships, has relaunched iReconCars® as iRecon®.

“TechGROWTH is proud to have helped provide another entrepreneurial success story here in southeastern Ohio. By guiding iReconCars through the financial modeling and acquisition process, we ensured that this high potential startup was recognized as a valuable solution to an industry-wide consumer need,” Jane New, manager of investments and new business development at TechGROWTH Ohio, said.

Click here to read the complete news release.

News release excerpt provided by Ohio University.

Originally published February 22, 2019.

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