The Founder of the Nation’s Fastest-Growing SMS Marketing Startup Shares His Text Message Marketing Secrets

With open rates for email marketing  at all-time lows, social media platforms like Facebook increasing advertising costs, influencer marketing failing to deliver on its initial hype and more, it’s become clear that entrepreneurs everywhere should be on the lookout for new marketing opportunities.

With nearly all Americans (95 percent) now owning a mobile phone, it makes sense why one of these fresh opportunities is SMS, or text message, marketing–which has been gaining momentum and marketers’ attention in recent years.

To discuss why SMS is on such an upward trajectory, where most companies go wrong with the medium and what to do instead, I sat down with Aaron Christopher (“A.C.”) Evans, CEO and co-founder of Based in Akron, Ohio. Drips is one of the nation’s fastest-growing SMS marketing platforms.

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Story excerpt provided by Inc.

Written by Dakota Shane.

Originally published March 31, 2019.

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