Local Experts On Where To Go, Eat & Drink In Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Arts Fest

Columbus, Ohio may not be one of the top 10 most populous cities within the United States, yet it manages to have everything that one of the biggest U.S. cities would have. For example, between John Glenn International and Rickenbacker International Airport, Columbus has direct flights to and from Chicago (less than 1 hour in the air), Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, and dozens of other key cities. Yet Columbus — home to the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets, the MLS’ Columbus Crew, college sports institution Ohio State University and four Fortune 500 companies — manages to carry a “small town” vibe in that its residents are friendly, its upscale food is economically-priced and traffic only seems to happen during rush hour.

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Story excerpt provided by Urban Matter.

Written by Darren Paltrowitz.

Originally published June 4, 2019.

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