Report: There’s a tech talent ‘surge’ in Cleveland

tech talent 'surge' in Cleveland

CLEVELAND — Cleveland is among the fastest-growing markets in North America for tech jobs, according to a report out this week from commercial real estate firm CBRE.

From voice-activated home assistants and wearable technology to cybersecurity and even healthcare, technology is all around in 2019. In Cleveland, the report notes, the tech labor pool has grown more than 17% since 2013.

“What we found in the most recent report, in large part because the tech sector is so tight from an unemployment standpoint, [is] that people are moving into these smaller, emerging markets like Cleveland more rapidly,” said Spencer Levy, chairman of Americas research and senior economic advisor at CBRE.

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Story excerpt provided by News 5 Cleveland.

Written by Olivia Fecteau.

Originally published July 16, 2019.

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