Dayton Startup Profile: ConsumerOptix, an InsurTech company 

Dayton Arcade prior to renovations.

James O’Hara has always been fascinated with technology. From programming video games as a kid to working at Proctor & Gamble and Clorox when the first laptop computers were being invented, technology was always at the forefront of his work.

“When P&G and Clorox said, ‘here are these computers,’ I was able to help translate that into meaningful, productive work,” O’Hara said. 

For both companies, O’Hara would build systems that would take consumption data and use it to drive additional business and marketing efforts. It also would be used to make customer presentations in software like Excel.

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Story excerpt provided by Dayton Business Journal.

Written by Grace James.

Originally published July 8, 2019.

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