Collaboration Drives Momentum In Cleveland’s Startup Community


Early-stage companies, especially those in the health care sector, rely on a seemingly incongruous mix of patience and urgency to achieve success. JumpStart CEO Ray Leach has been focused on urgency of late in his assessment of Northeast Ohio’s startup community.

“In our world, it’s a feeder system,” Leach says. “You have to be investing in things at some level of velocity. You have to be helping companies advance and then have companies have really huge breakthroughs, whether it’s a partnership with Genentech, they get bought by someone else or they raise a bunch of money. We’re seeing all sorts of indications that our tech ecosystem and our broader non-tech ecosystem are both continuing to advance and get stronger.”

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Story excerpt provided by Smart Business Dealmakers Cleveland.

Written by Mark Scott.

Originally published July 26, 2019.

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