CBF Cool Offices: Oris Intel wears its philosophy in Arena District industrial space

Oris Intel

A skateboard on the reception counter greets visitors to Oris Intel LLC’s office – but it’s not an office toy or the latest mobility alternative to e-scooters.

Signed by the software maker’s employees, the board’s a visual representation of CEO Pam Springer‘s philosophy on growing a business: “Keep it simple. When developing a project, start with a skateboard and then move on to building a car.”

The fast-growing staff are surrounded by graffitied mantras on the industrial space’s exposed brick walls in the Arena District’s historic Belmont Building: “grit,” “customer-focused,” “persevere,” “iterate our way through,” “what’s next?”

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Story excerpt provided by Columbus Business First.

Written by Carrie Ghose.

Originally published July 25, 2019.

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