Lindsay Karas Stencel on being a woman venture capital partner: ‘It’s not going to be Sesame Street’

Lindsay Karas Stencel - venture capital partner

“When I blasted into that ecosystem in 2016, it was like people did not know what to do with me because it was all men, all 50 and older, all white. And I come tearing in.”

Lindsay Karas Stencel may not be the woman one would expect to be a partner at a successful venture capital firm—not for any good reason, just because of her unconventionality—think young, blonde hair and a lover of vibrant colors, such as an ultraviolet jumpsuit with cutouts at the waist. However, these attributes fade into the periphery when one learns that Stencel, one of the first woman venture capital partners in Ohio, has transacted more than 1,000 deals during the course of her career between her gig at NCT and her personal law practice. She has also overseen some of NCT’s largest exits to date.

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Story excerpt provided by Columbus CEO.

Written by Chloe Teasley.

Originally published July 30, 2019.

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