Waker Delivers Digital Innovation to Startups

Software development agency helps companies bring vision to life

As a startup, you know just how important your digital assets can be: your product, your website and even your app’s design could make or break your brand. For Columbus-based Waker, software development isn’t just part of the process: it’s a key partnership designed to initiate big change. The company, led by self-taught design entrepreneur Nafis Azad, specializes in software that makes mobile apps, web apps and enterprise-scale SaaS products alongside their clients.

“We are a software development company that essentially helps startups and Fortune 500 companies build and scale products” said Azad, founder and CEO. “Companies come to us and we help them flesh out their product. We look at what they’re trying to build and give them our input in terms of design and usability.”

Like any team-based venture, Waker emphasizes the importance of their partnership with their clients, offering customized solutions to the complex problems faced by companies who are trying to innovate. Instead of wondering the best way to optimize an app or build out a digital web presence alone, companies rely on guidance from the Waker team.

“We are very hands-on with our clients in terms of strategizing products or designing the user experience,” said Azad. “We’re there pretty much every step of the way, from conception to the product’s build out with our in-house engineering team.”

For Azad, collaboration played a key role in how he conceptualized his own path to entrepreneurship. After pursuing a range of entrepreneurial interests at only 12 years old, Azad then built his company to provide for and interface with those who were looking for design help. Waker has helped companies build everything from mobile apps to websites and management software.

“Entrepreneurship has always excited me,” said Azad. “It’s even better when I get to watch companies grow. It’s exciting for me to lead people and watch them scale, knowing our team was a part of that process.”

Waker’s sought-after solutions also caught the eye of Rev1 Ventures, a partner of Ohio Third Frontier. The incubator added Waker to their First Connect program, which links entrepreneurs to resources and professional services. In fact, Azad and the Waker team have had a hand in developing software for number of Rev1 clients including TicketFire and SafeWhite.

“Rev1 was one of the early pioneers pushing out technology to the community,” said Azad. “I was honored to partner with them and work with their software development partners. Not only has it been great to be a part of their driving force, but I’ve also experienced the force of their support myself, they’re constantly helping me out and seeking opportunities for me.”

Even though Azad’s career started early, he doesn’t foresee burnout any time soon—his drive to help startups and bring good design to growing companies is what fuels his passion daily.

“The challenges brought to us by our clients is what gets me out of bed in the morning,” said Azad. “I love the idea that each day is something new and that we get to partner with them and say, ‘let’s do this thing.’”

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