Here’s how Central Ohio women technology executives are encouraging others to pursue careers in the field

In 2012, Purba Majumder was a successful technology executive who, just a few years earlier, had left Corporate America to focus full-time on a software development business she had launched in Dublin. A confluence of events in her personal and professional life would lead her to an “ah-ha” moment that there was an opportunity for her to make a difference in the world.

The personal side involved her daughter who was in seventh grade at the time. She told her she wasn’t interested in attending programming camps because it could lead her to be seen as nerdy and thereby become unpopular in school.

The professional side involved the job applications that would flow into her business, Cybervation. One out of 10 was from a woman.

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Story excerpt provided by Columbus CEO.

Written by Laura Newpoff.

Originally published September 3, 2019.

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