JumpStart honors local startups

The right people were impressed with Neil Weakland’s efforts to bring startup entrepreneurs and small business operators together under a single roof.

The business Weakland operates is simply called Canton Work Space and is located in the local office of Cleveland-based JumpStart at 309 Court Ave. NW. JumpStart is a nonprofit organization that nurtures business startups and entrepreneurs. And Weakland, who joined four other local startups, took the $10,000 prize Wednesday at the entrepreneur showcase that was staged by JumpStart.

“It is more of a membership platform,” Weakland said of his startup. “My job there is to make sure they have a clean work place. It is a work place (where) no one is working for the same company.”

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Story excerpt provided by The Canton Rep.

Written by Malcolm Hall. 

Originally published August 14, 2019.

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