Nominate Your Company for This Year’s Startup Culture Awards

Do you work at the best startup in town? Brag about it!

Nominations are open for the second annual Startup Culture Awards! Love going to work? Prove you have the culture that makes startups jealous and earn bragging rights for the year with a showcase on TechOhio! Nominating only takes a moment, so fill out the form below and don’t delay! Be sure to get your nominations in by Oct. 20. The more nominations, the better chance you have to win!

At TechOhio, we’re searching the state for the best startup culture. Last year’s inaugural winners, Aware (formerly Wiretap) and Global Cooling Inc., will be tough to beat, but we know how many awesome, innovative companies there are in Ohio.

We can’t experience each company’s office culture firsthand, so we’re looking to you! We need input from the daily grinders, the office softball team managers and the birthday party planners. If you think you work in the best startup environment in Ohio, or even if you’ve been envious of one from afar (we won’t tell!), let us know. Put your nominee in the running and keep an eye out for more details on TechOhio’s Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

For a complete list of the contest’s official rules, click here.

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