MyDentalTime Makes Your Trip to the Dentist Easier


Columbus startup ensures scheduling an appointment isn’t like pulling teeth

In 2019, you can book just about anything online. Movie tickets, flights and work meetings can all be easily scheduled from your phone or computer. So why is the process of finding a dentist and scheduling an appointment so antiquated? According to MyDentalTime, it shouldn’t be. The company, headquartered in Columbus, allows users to find dentists and schedule appointments online, aiming to bring 21st-century technology to the dental world.

“MyDentalTime is built to be the fastest, easiest way for people to schedule a dental appointment,” said founder Amit Patel. “Traditionally, you have to call or go to an office to schedule an appointment, which can be annoying. From a business standpoint, it’s great to have another way to answer patients or allow them to schedule an appointment 24/7, rather than having them leave a message. I wanted to build another way for people to book an appointment.”

Patel has been a dentist in Gahanna, a Columbus suburb, since 2008. Over the years, Patel said he realized that almost every other industry has adopted easy online scheduling. In today’s fast-paced world, he wondered why dental scheduling and communication are often so slow. That realization led him to MyDentalTime.

“Time is becoming more and more precious, so the whole premise of the platform is to allow patients to choose the date and time that works best for them and find an appointment,” said Patel. “Any dentist on our platform has a form built into their website where a patient can book an appointment, so we’ve created a marketplace where patients find dentists on their time.”

Patel’s office, StoneRidge Dental Care, was the first on the platform, showcasing how MyDentalTime can make patients’ and dentists’ lives easier. The next step for Patel will be to bring MyDentalTime to other offices and patients. With software and networking help from Big Kitty Labs, combined with his own network of dentists, Patel believes rapid expansion is coming soon.

“I have connections throughout the dental world, so it’s easier for me to bring my platform to dentists’ eyes instead of someone who’s not as familiar with the dental world,” said Patel. “My goal is to attract as many offices as I can and give them an easy way to acquire new patients and allow their current patients to book, schedule and pay online. I want it to be easy for other offices to join.”

As a longtime Ohio resident, Patel believes he’s in the perfect place to grow his company. He cited Wil Schroter of and Derrek Seif of SHARE as two important Columbus advisers, and said the variety of support and resources available in central Ohio is unparalleled.

“What I’ve found is that having companies like Big Kitty made it very easy to pitch my idea and start to run with it,” said Patel. “Having other startups around the area and people like Derek and Will to mentor us helps tremendously. It’s really nice to know that I can grow MyDentalTime at home. I’m a local, and I’m proud that Columbus is such a great place to grow a business.”

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