Aviatra Accelerators Boosts Women-Owned Businesses

Cincinnati startup levels the playing field They say if you want something done, ask a woman. And at Cincinnati nonprofit Aviatra Accelerators, helping women get things done is their mission. In southwest Ohio, organizations like The Brandery, Queen City Angels and Cintrifuse provide entrepreneurs with a variety of resources, with Aviatra serving to complement and boost chances for underrepresented entrepreneurs. In the swirl of the startup scene, women often have different challenges in finding funding and support they need. That’s where Aviatra comes in. “We joke that men go out to lunch with their buddies and come back with a check,” said president and CEO Nancy Aichholz. “It’s just so much harder for women. We really believe in the idea that if women are educated, coached and mentored, and encouraged to network appropriately, then they have a better chance of accessing funds.” The leaders of Aviatra are committed to leveling the playing field as an important step toward providing equal experiences for women. Since the company was founded in 2010, its goal has been to provide equal access to resources for women in business. “The most unique part of Aviatra’s mission is empowering female entrepreneurs,” said Aichholz. “We support, educate, … Continue reading Aviatra Accelerators Boosts Women-Owned Businesses