10 Of The Best Breweries In Cleveland

Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland, Ohio

Who doesn’t appreciate a nice cold glass of beer? While Germany may be known for its beer and its purity law, in North America, we have a variety of beers, loggers, ciders, stouts, IPAs — you name it. What makes breweries so special is the beer is unique to the city that it’s brewed in.  Most local breweries take pride in their hometowns, which is why they’re such a popular attraction for both locals and visitors alike. Breweries add their own spin on beer and create a memorable place to have a drink and a snack at.

Now, it may seem obvious that many people are partaking in creating their own brew, but Cleveland is special. The Ohio city has seen a rise in local breweries over the years, making it harder and harder to decide where to have a drink after work. According to Craine’s Cleveland Business, “6,372 breweries” were accounted for Northeast Ohio as of two years ago! Not sure where to grab a drink? Take a look at these 10 local breweries!Click here to read the complete article.

Story excerpt provided by The Travel.

Written by Layne Gibbons.

Originally published October 7, 2019



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