Banking in the post-digital era: 5 technology trends that will define the future of banking in Ohio

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Just as people no longer say they live in the age of electricity, the days of calling something digital to imply that it is new and innovative are numbered. The word is already passé in the consumer space. Soon, it will be the same for banks. If you’re still in business, investing in digital is a given.

What does “post-digital” mean for banks? It means doubling down on digital transformation to get the most value from current investments—and at the same time, turning a strategic eye toward what’s next.

By leveraging new technologies, embracing the industry ecosystem and making strategic investments for the future, banks can build a foundation to drive future innovation. The next era will be one of massive customer, employee, and societal expectations. Fortunately, it’s an era of equally tremendous possibility.

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Story excerpt provided by Cincinnati Business Courier.

Written by Paula O’Reilly.

Originally published October 15, 2019.

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