Founder Story: The Many Hats of Lindsay Karas Stencel

Founder Story: The Many Hats of Lindsay Karas Stencel

When you’re talking about Lindsay Karas Stencel, it’s hard to know which title to use. Sometimes, the energetic, “unapologetically female” Stencel is known for being partner and chief legal counsel at NCT Ventures in Columbus, where she helps invest venture capital in promising startups. Other times, she’s working out at CrossFit Westerville, the gym she co-owns with her husband. She can also be found teaching venture capital law at The Ohio State University where she’s an adjunct professor, and makes regular trips to her hometown of Buffalo, New York to run the venture development nonprofit Launch NY.

With her variety of experience, Stencel knows what it takes to start and grow a small business and sees Columbus — and Ohio as a whole — as an exciting place to use her many entrepreneurial talents.

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