3 Cities Bucking the Tide of Midwest Talent and Population Loss

The Midwest may be shedding population to the Sun Belt and the West, but at least three cities in the central U.S. are bucking that migration tide in a big way.

They are the capital cities of Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin, and there are good reasons for optimism in these outliers. First, though, the problem. Aaron M. Renn, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, studies long-term population migration patterns and their effects on local and regional economies. What he’s observed in the Midwest is cause for concern. While some cities are growing in population and high-end workforce talent, most locations in the Midwest are struggling to retain both. And it’s no secret where people are choosing to relocate.

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Story excerpt provided by Site Selection Magazine.

Article by Ron Starner.

Originally published September 2019.

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