Avon High School students place in Hyland Software Innovation Showdown

Hyland Software Innovation Showdown

AVON, Ohio — One of two Avon High School student teams that entered the Hyland Software Innovation Showdown in Westlake placed in their first year of competition.

Two teams were entered from the school. One team include Katt Benny, Nick Boenau and Sam Fouts (Team Benny). The other team included Jacob Boesger, Joe Laforet and Matt LeHoty (Team Boesger).

“Jeff Stevens and I agreed to be the AHS teacher advisers for each team, and students were also paired with a Hyland mentor,” said teacher Kyle Stellar. Stellar and Stevens teach computer science, engineering and mathematics at Avon High.

“Hyland does an incredible job of providing various outreach programs for students,” Stellar said, “and the Innovation Showdown is just one such example. This was the first year that we had AHS students enter the competition, and they were very enthusiastic about getting the teams together.”

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Story excerpt provided by Cleveland.com.

Written by Linda Gandee.

Originally published December 2, 2019.

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