How Cincy Transplants Took a Side-Hustle and Made It a Creative Powerhouse

In four years, digital and branding agency Edelmade transformed from a nights-and-weekends side hustle into a Pendleton staple, with reputable global clients like Apple. However, the journey from daydream to full-time day job was anything but easy. According to Edelmade principal and co-founder Lauren Corso, 33, it all started as a leap of faith.

Corso, who worked in project management for General Electric, and her ad-agency husband, Michael Hauss, 32, joined forces in January 2016. “We were both itching to be masters of our own domain,” Corso said. “We always enjoyed the spaces we worked in, but felt strongly that if we were going to enjoy our work and enjoy the time we spend at work, we wanted to steer our own ship.”

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Story excerpt provided by Cincy Inno.

Written by Stephanie Vermillion.

Originally published November 27, 2019.

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