Blockland Solutions 2020 will be shorter and focus more broadly on emerging technologies

Blockland Conference

As the second annual Blockland Solutions conference was wrapping up its third and final day on Wednesday, Dec. 11, promoter Bernie Moreno already was looking ahead to next year’s edition.

Blockland 2020, he said, will probably be two days instead of four and will be broadened to cover other emerging technologies beyond blockchain, such as artificial intelligence.

“We have to expand it, to incorporate other disruptive technologies and how they interact with each other, and keep the focus on the solutions part, so you can say, ‘This is great — exact thing I can do in my company,’ ” he said. “But the blockchain piece is important to launch (Northeast Ohio) as being relevant (in technology).”

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Story excerpt provided by Crain’s Cleveland Business.

Written by Jay Miller.

Originally published December 11, 2019.

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