The Cincy Tech Ecosystem at a Glance

The wisest explorers make sure to take a look at a map before their journey. Or at the very least, have one handy.

When diving into a startup or tech ecosystem, it can be helpful to have a map, too, and that’s what we want this “Ecosystem at a Glance” document to serve as: a starting place, on-boarding tool and refresher for those new to and familiar with the city’s innovation economy. At the very least, it will help you sound like you know your stuff at your next meetup.

Below, you’ll find basic insights into the startup and tech community in the Queen City — everything from its unicorns to universities, as well as the Twitter handles for those area thought leaders whose news.

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Story excerpt provided by American Innovation.

Written by Courtney Gabrielson.

Originally published November 5, 2019.

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