To solve the workforce issue, business and education must work together—and they are

As managing director of the Ohio Innovation Fund, Bill Baumel engages with 16 startup companies that are working on game-changing applications in cybersecurity, medical technology and data science. By their nature, these companies are innovators and the positions they need to fill often are technical and require highly specialized backgrounds or education in areas like machine learning, software engineering and laboratory research.

Most of the firms, however, aren’t breaking much of a sweat filling those jobs. That’s thanks, in part, to partnerships with various universities in Ohio under a “student experience program” run by the fund that places soon-to-be graduates inside the portfolio companies to gain hands-on experience. Many students, in fact, are hired full time after they receive their diplomas.

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Story excerpt provided by Columbus CEO.

Written by Laura Newpoff.

Originally published January 26, 2020.

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