Dice: 6 emerging tech hubs with the greatest salary growth

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The Dice 2020 Tech Salary Report shows that the average annual tech salary grew to $94,000 in 2019, up a mere 1.3% from 2018. However, tech hubs such as Silicon Valley, which includes San Francisco, saw salaries increase 4.7% to $123,826. In New York City, the average tech salary went up 1.7%, to $102,359.

Emerging tech hubs saw a greater leap, with localized demand for technologists in specialized fields drawing the biggest salaries. “The real story, however, is in emerging tech hubs, where employers big and small are hiring technologists to work on every aspect of the business, from sysadmins who keep infrastructure running to iOS/Android developers who build mobile apps. This demand, in turn, translates into higher salaries,” according to the Dice report.

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Story excerpt provided by TechRepublic.

Written by Teena Maddox.

Originally published January 29, 2020.

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