Can’t Be There in Person? Ohio’s Virtual Tech Offers the Next Best Thing


From education to experiences, these companies are turning the virtual into reality

Between communicable diseases, travel difficulties and everyday life, meeting, educating or visiting in person isn’t always the best solution.

So wash your hands, avoid large gatherings and check out some of the Ohio businesses connecting you with the world from the comfort of your own home:


While schools across the country are working to digitize their lesson plans and connect students virtually, Abre has been excelling in digital education for years. 

The Cincinnati company was developed by educators to unify new digital resources and enable teachers to spend less time managing their services and more time teaching students. 

Now, they’re taking things one step further. In an unprecedented move, Abre has announced that they’ll be making their award-winning platform available at no cost to schools and districts moving forward. 

“One of the biggest challenges for schools to move to remote learning on short notice is making sure all the tools needed for staff, students, and parents/guardians are easy to access and sign on to,” said Chris Rose, VP of Product at Abre, in a press release. “The Abre Hub provides a single, secure place for easy login with staff and students using their existing school email and parents and guardians using their Google or Microsoft email login or even Facebook.”

Abre’s free hub for schools and districts provides easy access to their software. 


Dublin-based Apportis is known for its work in battling the opioid epidemic, but a big part of their operation is connecting patients to healthcare through telemedicine and virtual care. 

Solutions offered by Apportis include a medical messenger app and DIY clinic, a versatile platform that allows for treatment customization and more, and they do it all while staying HIPAA compliant. 

We’re on the verge of a major virtual health breakthrough, and Apportis is on the cutting edge. 


Without live sports to distract you, why not turn to eSports, where you can compete remotely and watch from the comfort of your own home? 

Ohio has become a hotbed for eSports resources on a variety of levels. Programs at colleges like The Ohio State University or Ohio University are great for the budding eSports star in your life, while startups like Multivarious are working to grow eSports programs across the state.

For more information, check out eSports Ohio

Healthy Roster

Professional sports might be pausing, but the young athlete in your life may still be exercising. And if they find themselves injured, Healthy Roster can help. 

The Dublin startup helps athletes track injuries, seek treatment and get in touch with doctors, and they do it virtually. The company offers a mobile app and treatment kiosks that allow athletes, parents and coaches to reach medical providers remotely. 

In response to the current pandemic, Healthy Roster has also announced that its services will be free for new members through July 1. 

Immersive Cure

Seniors are staying safe and indoors lately, and tech from Immersive Cure can provide the experience of a lifetime without moving them from their rooms. 

The Akron startup uses virtual reality tech to provide real experiences to seniors who are in hospice care, confined to a bed or undergoing treatment. The company films its own experiences — from Washington D.C. to Kelly’s Island in Lake Erie — giving an authentic feel to these mind-opening experiences. 

So when the seniors in your life need a change of scenery, Immersive Cure can help. 

New Territory

When it comes to virtual reality, you’ll have a hard time finding a better resource than New Territory. 

This Akron startup has been building “immersive technology experiences” since 2015, and has built partnerships with organizations like Goodyear, eBay and more. The company has an esports organization, VR arcade and an augmented reality development studio with customers from all over the world. 

In addition to “magical experiences,” New Territory also brings brand experiences to life for companies all over the globe, no human contact necessary!


Cincinnati’s VECTRE is using virtual reality tech in ways that few companies in the country have considered.

Rather than using VR for fun and games, VECTRE uses the tech for education and brand storytelling. Their services include bias training, safety lessons, on-the-job training, consumer testing and more, all without gathering a large group of people. 

They can even help lay out your store for you with their prototyping tech that gives you a virtual view of what your shelves could look like.


Want to check out a new house without leaving yours? Try VirtualSpaces. 

The Cleveland startup uses VR to take specifics from a blueprint and build a 3D rendering of the space. Then it consults with real estate developers for input on how they might stage the space using furniture and design accents. 

It might not be the same as new house shopping, but it’s not a bad alternative!

Does your Ohio company have a virtual solution to help social distancing? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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