New office created to help small businesses in Ohio during COVID-19 outbreak

Innovation. Find it here in Ohio.

On Tuesday, Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced the creation of a new office within the Ohio Development Services Agency designed to help small businesses navigate and survive the COVID-19 crisis.

The Office of Small Business Relief is intended to better coordinate the state’s efforts to identify and support small businesses in the state.

According to Husted, the office will:

  • Serve as the state’s main agency for administering federal recovery funds awarded to Ohio for small business support and recovery.
  • Work with federal, state and local agencies to determine regulations designed to encourage employment and job creation in Ohio.
  • Coordinate the efforts of Ohio’s Small Business Development Centers and Minority Business Assistance Centers.
  • Husted said this office was born as a result of feedback he and DeWine recieved about the needs of small business owners throughout the state. He said business should also be planning for the long-term, because although cases will begin to eventually go down following a predicted peak, it won’t all immediately just get better.

“It won’t happen like flipping a switch,” said Husted. “So businesses, think about how you’re going to prepare…We don’t want this to spread again when you open back up, it will decimate your workforce and it’s the opposite of what we’re trying to do.”

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Story excerpt provided by WCPO.

Originally published Apr 07, 2020.

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