Work Shift: Is WFH going to stick around after Covid-19?

Olive CEO Sean Lane in Office - Photo by Rob Hardin Olive CEO Sean Lane in Office - Photo by Rob Hardin

Sean Lane hates the thought of “working from home,” “working remotely,” telecommuting or any other term you might use.

At Olive, the medical software company he founded in 2012, you’re either working or you’re not. You’re either on the grid, to use the company lingo, or you’re off. If you’re on the grid, it doesn’t matter to Lane or anyone else at Olive whether you’re at home, at a Starbucks or on a beach, in Columbus or California or anywhere else you choose to call home.

“We’re out of the geography business,” says Lane, whose late-May announcement of a new work model for Olive’s 240 employees was accompanied by a decision to abandon plans to build a new, bigger headquarters in Columbus.

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Story excerpt provided by Columbus CEO.

Written by Bob Vitale.

Originally published July 29, 2020.

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