Cincinnati Is Pouring $1 Billion Into a Startup-Friendly ‘Innovation District’

Cincinnati View

It’s easy to identify a “growth city” once it’s grown. With hindsight, you can point back to reasons why Austin, Denver and Charlotte became hotspots for budding businesses. The harder thing to do is to predict which city is next.

But we’re beginning to recognize the signs that indicate a city will win in the 2020s, in the way that rail systems, waterways and the interstate caused cities to become business hubs in the past.

In this decade, an international airport, strong university and biotechnology bend are a city’s calling cards to startup success. Add to that the fairly new concept of innovation districts: In these centers, corporations and researchers collaborate with business accelerators, which give startups funding and access to resources like mentorship from industry greats.

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Story excerpt provided by Grow Wire.

Written by Jeff Barrett.

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