Digital signage software serves as engagement tool for restaurants with their customers

Cincinnati View

Skyline Chili’s is world renowned for their delicious Cheese Coney’s and 3-ways, no question. However, in order for the local restaurants to thrive, they need to make an impact in terms of engagement.

The Skyline Chili located in Ontario has been around for over 10 years, but as new trends came, and new ways to showcase messages appeared, owner Paul Dilley knew that he would need to get on board with it, or get left behind.

In order to do this, Dilley decided to go with digital signage using Retriever Digital Signage, a powerful, easy to use, marketing tool that can be used to update digital messaging from a phone, tablet or computer.

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Story excerpt provided by RichlandSource.

Written by Tierra Thomnas.

Originally published Aug 18, 2020.

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