Statewide Finalists Face Off: Who Has Ohio’s Best Company Culture?

Start Up Culture Awards

We’re down to the final six — who gets your vote?

It all comes down to this.

More than 1,000 voters helped decide who represents each of Ohio’s six regions in the first voting round of our third-annual Startup Culture Awards.

The semifinals were a real battle, pitting 18 exciting Ohio startups against each other in every corner of the state, with hundreds of voters supporting each and every one of the 18 semifinalists.

Our nominated companies ranged from healthcare innovation to a mobile flower truck and from artificial intelligence developers to automated food manufacturing. Some showed off their mid-pandemic pivot to creating PPE products, while others demonstrated an unbreakable team spirit, even over Zoom meetings.

But our biggest Startup Culture Awards yet isn’t quite over — now you get to crown a champion!

Our six regional winners — BeeHex, Dresden & Company, Hive Networks, Marla’s Flower Truck, Rust Belt Riders and VyrtX — are ready to go toe-to-toe, competing for the ultimate bragging rights.

In a year of virtual happy hours, countless Zoom meetings and ever-changing work environments, which of our six finalists represent the best company culture Ohio has to offer? It’s time to decide!

Vote for your favorite below, and be sure to share with your network to ensure your choice takes home the title!

For a complete list of the contest’s official rules, click here.


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