Pete Blackshaw on why ‘everyone’ acted like a startup in 2020

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As we look back on a year we will never forget, one truth stands out: we all worked for a startup in 2020. Maybe not literally but figuratively. Extreme challenges stared us down, and we scrambled with newfound dexterity (even fear) to adjust, adapt and survive.

Front-line heroes led with “whatever it takes” startup grit. Big companies softened and “flexed” protocols. Big bureaucracies turned on a dime. Business leaders put diversity and inclusion on the agenda with urgency. Supply chains were broken and reassembled at breakneck speed. Decision cycles sped up. Digital truly accelerated. Rapid testing and “by the minute” data analysis – infection rates, cash on hand – became the new norm. Open, full-transparency data sharing became (and remains) a life or death matter.

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Story excerpt provided by Cincy Inno.

Written by Pete Blackshaw.

Originally published December 28, 2020.

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