Updox aiming for ubiquity after acquisition by EverCommerce

Updox - telemedicine

Mark Shary‘s first Central Ohio technology startup, HubLink, acquired more than 20 years ago, today is incorporated in the enterprise software for half the nation’s hospitals.

Updox LLC, which Shary co-founded in 2008 and was acquired by $2 billion EverCommerce last week, has the same chance for ubiquity in the healthcare industry, the serial entrepreneur said.

“We really do think about this as just the next stage in the journey,” agreed Michael Morgan, CEO of standalone Updox and now president of the brand within EverCommerce.

“Our goal really has been we want to make Updox a standard part of healthcare,” he said. “This gives Updox a great home to continue to do that, but in a bigger way and able to do it faster.”

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Story excerpt provided by Columbus Business First.

Written by Carrie Ghose.

Originally published December 29, 2020.

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