Champtitles brings blockchain technology to Ohio’s BMV and beyond

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In 2005, Bernie Moreno purchased a small, underperforming car dealership on the west side of Cleveland before strategically acquiring and transforming more than a dozen additional dealerships, across Northeast Ohio and four states, quickly becoming the largest-volume luxury dealer in the Midwest.

Keenly aware of the acceleration of technology, Moreno was also looking for additional investment opportunities. Over time, he began to shift his attention from solely cars to an interest in implementing blockchain technology. Two years ago, Moreno teamed up with Shane Bigelow, a tech veteran who, while working for Alliance Bernstein, spent time researching how blockchain technology can reduce the costs of government.

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Story excerpt provided by Cincinnati Business Courier.

Written by Joanne Drilling.

Originally published February 5, 2021.          

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  1. John DexFolio // September 8, 2021 at 6:20 AM // Reply

    There most probably will be never a somehow good converter for programs, because Cardano uses more strict functional language rather than imperative one like Ethereum. Aside from having different ledger models (accounts vs eUTXO).

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