Cintrifuse names new managing director

Cintrifuse Announces New Managing Director, Oleg Kaganovich via Cintrifuse website

Cintrifuse named a former venture capitalist and four-time startup founder as managing director of one of the group’s biggest arms.

Oleg Kaganovich, a Sacramento-based entrepreneur and VC, was announced Tuesday as managing director of Cintrifuse’s $115 million syndicate fund, which the group uses to invest in early-stage venture capital firms and grow Cincinnati’s startup scene.

Kaganovich will lead the launch of Cintrifuse’s third fund, in addition to the ongoing management of funds I and II. He will replace Sarah Anderson, Cintrifuse’s fund director since 2016, who is moving to Colorado with her family.

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Story excerpt provided by Cincy Inno

Written by Liz Engel.

Originally published February 9, 2021.          

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