MedPilot shows Cleveland’s worth as a prime location for growing health care firms: Matt Buder Shapiro

medpilot-co-founders, Nathan Spoden and Matt Buder Shapiro

CLEVELAND — I’m here to tell the story that it is possible to build a company, hire talented employees, raise funding, and, ultimately, successfully sell a company in our very own Cleveland, Ohio. One of the biggest decisions we made in the past five years was moving our company from New York City to Cleveland. Having our startup acquired is a significant win for our employees, customers, stakeholders, and the city of Cleveland.

We built MedPilot to transform the patient financial experience. Where better to grow a health care technology company than Cleveland? While my co-founders Jake Myers, Nate Spoden, and I felt strongly about our decision, initially not many people agreed. It took countless discussions with various stakeholders to convince them to accept that Cleveland’s image as “the mistake on the lake” was long past its expiration date.

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Originally published March 21, 2021.

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