One year after $50M exit, three Ahalogy execs debut new venture

The best jobs come from trusted referrals. Get recommended by your peers and be discovered on Hearty - screen capture of homepage

It didn’t take long for Bob Gilbreath and Ryan Watson to jump head first into a new startup venture. Only days after cashing their exit checks, following the close of Ahalogy’s $50 million sale to Quotient (NYSE: QUOT) in March 2020, the two were back at a whiteboard brainstorming their next big thing.

Now, after a year of testing and building and talking to customers and hashing out all the details, that next big thing is ready for its official debut. Meet Hearty, a new professional network built on personal recommendations.

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Story excerpt provided by Cincy Inno.

Written by Liz Engel.

Originally published April 20, 2021.

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