Introducing the TechOhio Startup Creativity Challenge

Startup Creativty Challenge

Does your startup have the state’s most creative solution?

When many people think of the word creative, they think of the arts — movies, music, writing or painting. But in Ohio, we take creativity in another direction as well. All across the state, the talented individuals in Ohio are using their creativity not just for art, but for innovation, technological breakthroughs and new methods that shape the way we think about entire industries.

With so many amazing creations making major impacts in Ohio, we thought there was no better way to celebrate this week’s National Creativity Day than by launching our newest contest: the TechOhio Startup Creativity Challenge!

TechOhio is calling on its network of startups, small businesses, tech companies and everyone in between to share their most creative problem-solving solution. Did your team invent an entirely new product to overcome an issue? Have you created a piece of software to solve a problem? Have you harnessed the power of technology in a brand new way to create something that didn’t seem possible? Any and all of these ideas could give your company the win!

In true TechOhio fashion, we won’t be deciding on the winner of the awards ourselves. Instead, we’ll be enlisting the help of some well-known players in the Ohio startup scene to help us!

A panel of three judges experienced in startups, business and innovation will review each of the submissions to determine the best of Ohio’s most creative solutions. Their rankings will be aggregated to determine our runners-up and winner. We’ll share more information on our judges this Thursday, May 26, so keep an eye out to know who will be calling the shots!

You can nominate your organization or a creative idea using the form below. Nominations are open through June 4, when our judges will begin determining select runners-up and our first ever Startup Creativity Challenge winner.

For full contest rules, click here.

Along the way, be sure to check out TechOhio’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, where we’ll be sharing submissions, info about our judges and more!

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