Path Robotics CEO wants Columbus to be ‘next big mecca’ for robots

Path_Robotics_logo The Columbus startup is part of the 2021 trend of VC mega-rounds.

As forms of artificial intelligence (AI) advance every year, fears of robots dominating the labor force — or the whole world — have become more common.

In the welding field, however, some argue that a robot takeover might be beneficial, and even necessary.

Columbus startup Path Robotics believes AI is one solution to the shortage of skilled labor that plagues welding. Path boasts the “world’s first truly autonomous robotic welding system.” Conceived after 18 months in the basement of a foundry, its system identifies what needs to be welded, welds it and learns along the way.

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Story excerpt provided by The Columbus Dispatch.

Written by Sarah Donaldson.

Originally published May 27, 2021.

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