Columbus Analytics Startup Harnesses the Power of Data to Improve Performance

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Ikonos Analytics helps companies make informed decisions that streamline their operations

In 2021, companies have more access than ever to data and analytics. But how can a business ensure that it’s interpreting and using data in a way that will benefit them? The number-crunching experts at Columbus startup Ikonos Analytics helping organizations improve their capabilities to integrate and manage advanced analytics through specialized process improvement and targeted skills training.

“Organizations need help establishing an analytics program within their company, so we focus on building processes and skills that help our clients,” said Reghan Avon, CEO and co-founder of Ikonos Analytics. “We outline steps on how an organization can be data-driven, identify the skills they need and train their operations teams through interactive sessions and workshops. Our clients can use our templates in their daily work and immediately apply the concepts we teach. We focus on building long-term capabilities that help them go from reactive to active decisions that drive effective business operations.”

Adopting an analytics-oriented approach isn’t just for tech companies and software firms; it’s a method that can help businesses of all varieties streamline their processes, improve efficiency and prepare for the unforeseen. The COVID-19 pandemic, for example, served as a reminder to many that inefficiencies and lack of preparation can put a business at risk. Ikonos aims to mitigate that risk by putting data at the forefront and offering cost-effective plans.

“COVID was a huge catalyst for some of these issues because it caused a lot of companies to realize that their current operations were not going to be sustainable,” said Avon. “Companies are looking at data analytics as a guide to shift some of their operations, and we want to help them be more strategic in building and implementing those solutions. People within a workforce might not have the skills needed to properly analyze data, so we provide consulting and extensive technical training. We don’t just build one-off models or dashboards for clients and then leave; we focus on their current work and then deliver training to improve the capabilities of their team”

Ikonos has only existed since 2020, but has already secured impressive clients like COTA and 99P Labs, with plans to continue to expand their client list and increase the size of their own team. Their work with COTA serves as a case study in pandemic response. COTA’s chief innovation officer, Sophia Mohr, told the Columbus Dispatch that amid the pandemic, the agency worked with Ikonos because they “wanted to make sure we were able to adjust as necessary.” With momentum on their side and successful clients under their belt, Ikonos is working to grow their capabilities with the goal of becoming a training hub for businesses looking to improve their data management and operations.

“We’re a small team, so we spend a lot of time with our clients and we’re looking to expand so that we can train and develop more companies,” said Avon. “We started working with COTA last year, and we’ve been helping to improve their internal business intelligence. We are organizing their internal structure, improving their data quality and establishing roles and responsibilities that they are supporting. COTA is capturing a lot of data, and there is a lot of public data available, so they are using technology partners like Waycare traffic management software to help predict crashes or traffic that would affect their operations.”

Avon and co-founder Alexandra Dauterman are both Ohio State University graduates who have stayed in Columbus to launch their startup. Along the way, they’ve found central Ohio to be a great home for Ikonos’s forward-thinking approach and a great community for technology startup resources. Avon is paying that forward, having formed the global organization Women in Analytics, which provides resources for women in statistics, financial services and technology startups.

“The Ohio community is extraordinary,” said Avon. “Cincinnati and Columbus have a lot of overlap in the tech communities, and they are really strong networks where people are very willing to sit down with you, give you advice and connect you to people. Columbus is a big city with lots of corporations, and we have a ton of potential customers in many different industries.There’s more venture capital here now in Ohio than ever before. It has been such a great experience in Columbus, especially as a young female entrepreneur with people being willing to help and to support.”

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