This Dayton Startup Can Reduce Medical Costs and Make Your Employees Healthier

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Adyptation is putting health care spending back in the wallets of employees and prioritizing well-being

More U.S. workers are covered by self-funded health insurance than ever before. But employers that offer self-funded coverage to large numbers of employees are at risk of added expenses if those employees suffer serious health conditions. To mitigate that risk and promote healthier employees, Dayton startup Adyptation is providing health claims management solutions directly to employees. Their platform allows employers to save on health-plan costs and return those savings as raises and fair wages to their teams.

“We help employers save enough money using our product that they can afford to increase funds for their employees while helping them feel better and healthier,” said Darren Baldwin, chief digital officer. “Adyptation helps employees and employers identify small changes that can be made in a patient’s daily life to be healthier and move in the right direction. We deliver claims management solutions such as treatment savings and treatment strategies which, for employees living with chronic illnesses like inflammatory diseases, can provide significant savings for employers.”

Adyptation decreases costs for employers by providing pharmaceutical sourcing for employees and targeting the source of health issues: employees’ health habits. They use data analytics, machine learning and their own software to quantify whether a suggested treatment is working, provide treatment strategies and track improvements in a patient’s health. Adyptation’s first product is “Core,” a web dashboard where users can request prescriptions for themselves and their dependents, which Adyptation’s advocates source for little to no cost. Their second product is “Alerts,” where a user defines goals for quality of life and the product generates real-world data that runs through Adyptation’s machine-learning engine. Alerts then identifies beneficial health habits and behavioral patterns and displays quantifiable progress toward their health goals.

“Our product is disease management-focused,” said Baldwin. “Most companies who are providing claims management are only looking to reduce pharmaceutical costs or give employers insight, but then the employers have to relay information to their employees, which can be difficult. Adyptation relays our health care insight directly to patients through our products.. We’re both the tool and the team on behalf of the employer.”

Adyptation was founded in 2017 by Ryan Jankord, a PhD in Biomedical Sciences who worked as the director of Neurobiology of Cognitive Performance in the Human Performance Wing of the U.S Air Force. A grant through the U.S Air Force allowed him to conduct research to improve the health conditions of patients with chronic inflammation, leading to the principles of Adyptation’s work. Within the last year, his team discovered that their software could be 80% predictive of autoimmune health outcomes using lifestyle factor data alone. Now, they’re developing new products with the goal of significantly decreasing remission time for autoimmune patients.

“People feel awful when they’ve been diagnosed and are living with a medical condition such as chronic inflammation.” said Baldwin “Jankord originally saw that he could create a product that helped autoimmune folks reach remission faster, and we want Adyptation to get to a place where we can cut the timeline in half. Today, we can quantify how much an employer can save in pharmaceutical spending. Next, we’re looking to add savings by reducing medical claims.”

Adyptation has partnered with the largest self-funded employer in the US —the US Department of Defense. The US Airforce Research Laboratory contracted Adyptation to create machine learning technology that promotes Airman health and readiness. Other partners include the National Security Innovation Network, Ocean and Main St Ventures, with two more contracts in the works. Adyptation is actively hiring, and projects to double in size over the next year from customer demand alone. The Dayton team continues to expand operations in Ohio, where they’ve found the affordability, talent and access to clients that’s been crucial for the startup.

“Ohio ranks very high in entrepreneurial spirit and affordability, which are two factors that are very much a part of any early stage business success,” said Baldwin. “We need tenacious people, and the talent in Ohio is incredible. Most of our team is from Ohio, and the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has a concentration of talented data scientists and other tech-focused folks that we want on our team to continue to make our products better. From a talent perspective alone, it’s been a great home for us”

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