The Statewide Finals are Here: Who has the Best Company Culture in Ohio?

startup culture awards vote now

Which of these five innovative companies gets your vote?

It’s time to crown a winner!

After more than 1,500 votes in our semifinal round, the fourth-annual Startup Culture Awards moves into the finals, where five regional champions will battle to be named our 2021 winner.

The semifinals were a tough battle, as 14 exciting Ohio startups from around Ohio faced off. Each received hundreds of votes, but only one in each region earned enough recognition to move on to the finals.

This year’s awards have showcased the amazing culture in Ohio startups more than ever. We’ve heard about their impressive employee benefit programs, incredibly smart teams empowered to do their best, fun workplace activities and prioritizing employee recognition and appreciation. It’s been a testament to the great work going on across the state.

But our biggest Startup Culture Awards yet isn’t quite over — now you get to crown a champion!

Our five finalists — Branch Insurance, RXQ Compounding, Tempagenix, TPA Stream and Velontra — now go toe-to-toe, competing for the ultimate bragging rights and our 2021 title.

During uncertain times in the fast-changing startup world, which of these amazing Ohio companies has what you would call the best culture in the state? Be sure to visit their social media pages and websites, where they’ll be showing off what makes them special.

Vote for your favorite below, and be sure to share with your network to ensure your choice takes home the title. Check back the week of November 8 to see who wins!

For a complete list of the contest’s official rules, click here.

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