Nationwide Children’s tops state institutions for tech commercialization


Nationwide Children’s Hospital made more than triple the revenue from licensing its discoveries as the next-highest earner among Ohio research institutions in 2020, despite the absence of a one-time payout that made for a record $37 million the year before.

Ohio State University and Cleveland Clinic, meanwhile, remained close to each other in the next-highest spots after both also saw year-over-year declines, according to the latest annual survey data from the tech transfer trade group AUTM.

Meanwhile, Ohio University saw the final year of benefit from a drug to treat a form of gigantism as its licensing deal expired. It sold a portion of the rights for a lump sum in 2011, and over the years the Athens-based school put millions from the discovery into an endowment to advance research and innovation.

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Story excerpt provided by Columbus Inno.

Written by Carrie Ghose.

Originally published December 2, 2021.

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