Columbus real estate title startup raises nearly $25M from investors including Root, Opendoor

website screenshot of Empora-Title-Inc. outside of home -rack your title work from start to finish, and close when and where you want. All while cutting your closing costs in half

A former Root Insurance product manager has raised $24.6 million over the past year from venture capital firms, real estate tech giant Opendoor and her former employer for a startup to digitize the cumbersome real estate title process.

Empora Title Inc. launched publicly from stealth mode Wednesday, announcing a $20 million Series A round to speed growth to markets nationwide.

CEO Megan Harris founded the Columbus company in December 2020, leaving Root Inc. after one year developing user experience. It’s a common pattern for startup employees to leave to build something new after an acquisition or IPO; Root went public last fall.

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Story excerpt provided by Columbus Inno.

Written by Carrie Ghose.

Originally published December 1, 2021.

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