Springboro artificial intelligence company grows at rapid rate

Riverain Technologies Logo

A Springboro company that spent the year achieving breakneck growth on multiple fronts intends to do so again in 2022.

Riverain Technologies, a pioneer in artificial intelligence applications for chest imaging, aims to save lives through the early detection, diagnosis and management of lung disease. The company in 2021 doubled its space in Springboro, increased its team size and partners and grew revenues by more than 50%. It intends to launch multiple new products in the coming year.

Fueling the growth is acceleration of interest in its products, including applications designed to improve early lung cancer detection, as well as other applications for detection of disease in chest X-rays and chest CTs, according to spokeswoman Sanmitra Iwanski. In 2021, it relaunched its brand with the message “See Clearly. Decide Confidently.”

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Story excerpt provided by Dayton Daily News.

Written by Eric Schwartzberg.

Originally published December 28, 2021.

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