Intel project provides proof of Ohio’s value

Intel-plus-Ohio-Ohio's Future built with intel!

Some will argue quite convincingly that America has struggled to keep up with competing nations in technological advances and the manufacturing that comes with them.

Ohio took an enormous step last week in overcoming that struggle, advancing not only our state, but our nation, in production of semiconductor chips used in the manufacture of everything from phones to automobiles, and from appliances to video games.

Chip shortages fueled by business shutdowns during the pandemic have interrupted production of new vehicles and electronic devices for more than a year. Not only has it disrupted the U.S. economy, it has created a vulnerability in our nation’s defense since eight of every 10 chips are produced in Asia. Industry experts predict demand for these chips only stands to grow greater because of the development of more and more electronic devices requiring them.

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Story excerpt provided by Tribune Chronicle.

Originally published January 25, 2022.

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