America’s largest paved bike trail network, Miami Valley Trails, is in Southwest Ohio

A couple ridings bikes superimposed over the Miami Valley Trail system and logo.

DAYTON, Ohio — The birthplace of aviation is also the hub of the nation’s largest paved trail network. At first glance, the map of the Miami Valley Trail system looks like a highway grid across Southwest Ohio. Quite the contrary, these long, colored lines represent bikeways between cities like Cincinnati, Dayton, Xenia and even Columbus. The paved, multi-use trails allow for unprecedented opportunities to explore.

Fifteen interconnected trails account for 295 miles, with another 35 miles of trail that are not yet connected. The Great Miami River Trail, which centers in Dayton, and the Little Miami Scenic Trail, which goes through Xenia, function as twin spines that give the network its shape, running north and south.

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Written by John Pana.

Originally published April 4, 2022.

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