Dayton Inno Madness 2022 champion using AI technology to help businesses predict the future

A data scientist interprets information to a client with a superimposed MINEDXAI logo.

Throughout the month of March, 18 local startup companies competed in a bracket-style competition for the title of Dayton Inno Madness Champion. More than 3,500 DBJ readers cast their votes based on the question “Who would you invest in?”

After four rounds, local technology company MinedXAI emerged as the 2022 champion with 57.7% of votes in the final round.

MinedXAI is an explainable artificial intelligence (AI) company with proprietary technology that architects a company’s data to discover actionable insights that were previously buried.

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Story excerpt provided by Dayton Inno.

Written by Nicole Mistretta.

Originally published April 2, 2022.

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