RiverCap Ventures wants to ‘reimagine’ retired wind

Turbines in a field and the Rivercap logo,

The folks at RiverCap Ventures in Rocky River, Ohio, think they’ve found a solution for repurposing spent wind turbine blades: make them into benches and beacons for parks, planters for schools and hospitals, and chairs and tables for homes.

While there are well-established ways to recycle the metals and fluids from decommissioned or renovated wind turbines, recycling their fiberglass blades remains a monumental problem, said Brian Donahue, vice president of business development at RiverCap Holdings, the holding company for RiverCap Ventures and its Canvus brand.

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Story excerpt provided by Cleveland Inno.

Written by Mary Vanac.

Originally published July 5, 2022.

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